I‘ve recently begun to embark on my largest art project to date, by a wide margin, which is the reason for my last couple of posts, which recall a couple of moments from yesteryear which are top of mind with me today.

As is the pasta dish I cooked for a recent family gathering. Typically, and most definitely wisely, the culinary arts at my home are reserved for my wife, but the other day, for whatever reason, I volunteered to make dinner for an upcoming family gathering, and Nan, eyeing me somewhat suspiciously and dubiously due to my lack of experience in that arena beyond a few basic dishes, nonetheless assented.

Having found a recipe online that I thought would be unique and pass muster without overextending my meagre abilities, the necessary ingredients were bought, including a few embellishments, because bacon makes everything better. I made and served the dinner, and am pleased to report that only three people went to the hospital for food poisoning. Naw – everyone’s plate was cleaned and a few of us even had second helpings. Surprisingly.

The art project, too, is a bit of a menu change. Heck – more than a bit – it’s nothing whatsoever like the hand-centric series of 2 and 3D pieces I’ve focused on, artistically, since 2012.

I’m excited to share the news about what’s on the new menu!

Watch this space!

Coming soon!